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Through My Eyes

How I View the World

30 January
Asgaardian Senshi

Name: Katherine Nicknames: (IRL) Kat, Kitten, Neko-chan (OL) Naia Zifu, Ami-chan, Jo, Gala-chan
Height: 5'1" (tiny -_-; ) Weight: Erm, tell you when I've lost some more -_-
Hair: Brown Eyes: Grey-blue-green hazel Skin: Pale pink
Orientation: Lesbian Status: Single. . . not "looking" so much as "open to possibilities"

I'm pretty nice, shy, intelligent, eccentric, creative, opinionated, and a bit of a recluse. I probably won't be joining a lot of communities or talking to a lot of people, but feel free to read and comment on what I have to say, and I'll try to get back to you.
I like to write and draw, and am trying to do more of both lately. Hopefully I'll have something nice to post up. . . er, links to-- gotta draw traffic to my sites ^_^ -- from time to time.

Oh, and if you happen to add me as a friend, be sure to tell me who you are and where I know you from. I have the world's worst memory, and will probably have no idea who you are, otherwise -_- .